Hafod y Llan (Watkin Path) Campsite Review

Based on over a dozen visits

Published By: Daniel Woodley. Updated: 8th January 2024. Filed at: Reviews of Places. Disclosure: I may earn a commission from purchases made via links.

Hafod y Llan was the first ever campsite I stayed at in Snowdonia, and over the last decade or so, I’ve stayed here over a dozen times, and there’s so much to like about this place.

Unfortunately, I had a bad experience recently and am currently taking a break from this campsite. In 2023, I spent more time at the nearby Llyn Gwynant campsite.

This is my honest review.


Watch my 2023 video review of Hafod y Llan, where I point out the one issue I have with this site:

Photos of This Campsite and The Nearby Watkin Path

Aerial photo of Hafod y Llan's main camping field

Aerial view of the main camping field

Photo of both camping fields

Photo of both camping fields

My tent on the field

My tent on the field

Car park

Car park for 20 cars (no extra charge as of 2023)


  • A stone’s throw from the Watkin Path
  • Small site with 35 tent-only pitches
  • Reasonable pricing with no extra charge for car parking (as of 2023)
  • No hassle, book online and collect the car and tent tags from the reception area when you arrive
  • Next to a picturesque stream
  • Firepits and firewood to buy
  • Toilet, shower and washing up area


  • No phone signal and wifi is very weak and pay-as-you-go
  • The ground is uneven on the upper field
  • Facilities may be too basic for some (no washing machine, no on-site shop or food outlet etc)
  • It’s located on a working farm there are dog kennels next to the camping field and the barking noise can be disruptive at night (as of 2023)
  • The nearest shop is Beddgelert which is a few miles away

My Experience of This Campsite

Booking: This site was once a first-come, first-served type site, but now all campers must book online at the official website.

Checking In: Easy, just park up and grab the car and tent tags from the main building next to the car park; they are usually pinned to a notice board.

Parking: There are enough car parking spaces for around 20 cars but space can be limited during peak times. I’ve never had an issue parking here.

Wifi and Phone Signal: BT Wifi (subscription required) is available close to the main house as of 2023, but the signal is poor elsewhere. I had no phone signal on O2.

Toilets and Shower Facilities: They are basic but hot water is available, as is a washing up area and a tumble dryer to dry wet clothes.

Drinking Water: Drinking water is from the stream and is treated with UV light and filtered, campers are advised to boil water.

Phone Charging and Power Points: There is one car charging point and a couple of points for charging phones. I’ve never used either.

Laundry Area: There is no laundry area, just a tumble dryer for drying wet clothes.

Campfires: There are plenty of fixed firepits around the campsite and firewood can be purchased via the honesty box.

Steam next to the campsite and the firepits

Steam next to the campsite and the firepits

Dog Barking Noise

I first want to make clear that I loved this campsite for many years.

Yes, it’s basic, but it has enough facilities for me, and I loved the location and small size, which made my stays feel more intimate than at the larger sites in Snowdonia.

However, I and several other campers, including friends of mine, have had issues with dogs barking, often all through the night.

Hafod y Llan is a working farm, and they have working sheep dogs on site and they are (as of 2023) kept in kennels about 15 metres from the perimeter of the campsite.

These pups are very vocal, and over three separate stays in 2022 and 2023, I was woken up repeatedly by howling. This happened at several intervals through the night, and in the morning, several campers were complaining and moving their tents to the opposite side of the site.

I’ve discussed this problem in my video (top of this page), but I can’t comment on whether this is still an issue in 2024 as I’m currently taking a break from Hafod y Llan and exploring other campsites in the area.

If you decide to stay at this site, I recommend pitching your tent close to the stream or in the secondary field to the right of the car park; both locations are far enough away that the dog barking won’t be as disruptive.

This is my only noteworthy complaint about this site, everything else is minor (uneven ground, basic facilities etc, see pros/cons at the top of this page).

Do I Recommend This Campsite?

If it wasn’t for the noise disruption, I would 100% recommend this site for those looking for a small and basic campsite in a great location.

It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a larger site but for a 1-3 night stay, I always found it perfect – the location, setting and intimate feel always pulled me to this place.

I may try again in 2024 to see what the situation is with the woof woofs, and if I do I’ll update this review accordingly.

The Watkin Path is a two minute walk from the campsite

The Watkin Path is 2 minutes walk from the Hafod y Llan campsite

Watkin Path pools and stream

The Watkin Path waterfalls and pools are nearby and are perfect for picnicking and relaxing

Things You Need to Know + Questions and Answers

This site is quite far away from a shop and you’ll need to drive or get the bus to Beddgelert for supplies.

Hafod y Llan’s campsite website has a detailed web page with answers to common questions here.

General information and booking can be found here.

In over a decade and over a dozen visits, I’ve only ever seen one staff member and only on one occasion. The site is small and appears to me mostly unmanned except for daily cleaning, and checking of the tent tags etc.

Nearby Campsites

Llyn Gwynant campsite is nearby but it’s much bigger and more commercial. It has many more facilities and might be a better choice for larger groups and families etc.

Below you’ll find my video review of Llan Gwynant and here is my written review.

About Daniel Woodley

This review of the Hafod y Llan campsite was created by Daniel Woodley, aka The Bald Scrambler.

From walking along beaches and kayaking down rivers to making his way up mountains and even jumping out of planes, Daniel has a love of the outdoors, but scrambling is his real passion.


Daniel Woodley

Daniel Woodley aka The Bald Scrambler

Have fun, keep safe. Hopefully I’ll see you on the mountains one day

By The Bald Scrambler

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