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Published By: Daniel Woodley. Published: 28th April 2024. Filed at: Hiking Routes. Disclosure: I earn commission from purchases made via links.

All of the main routes up Snowdon offer unique and stunning views but as someone who has summited over 30 times, I have my favourites and there’s also one route I won’t do again.

Explore my photos, videos and brief route descriptions below.

What’s my favourite route up Snowdon for views? That would be the Watkin Path, the first on my list:

Watkin Path

The Watkin Path is easily my #1 choice for views, here’s why:

  • It’s one of the longest routes.
  • The Watkin Path is one of the more difficult routes and I like a challenge.
  • It’s not as popular (touristy) as the Llanberis Path.
  • There are stunning pools and a cascading stream near the start of the route. These are perfect for cooling off in the summer or a picnic.
  • There are ruins of old slate mining buildings to walk past.
  • Near the upper section, there is a ridge with incredible views over to Crib Goch, the Pyg Track and the Miners Track (see my video).
  • Above the scree section, the other side of Snowdon comes into view.

If you’re looking for a route with varied views and lots to see, the Watkin Path is my recommendation.

Want to make this route even more interesting? Come down the South Ridge which loops back round to the Watkin Path near the pools.

Explore more of this route: Read my complete guide to the Watkin Path here.

My Video

Photos of the Watkin Path

Pyg Track/Miners Track Circular

This is the first route I took up Snowdon 15 years ago and I still enjoy it today. In my opinion, it offers the second best views on Snowdon.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The quickest main route to the summit.
  • A circular route so you don’t come back down the same path (different scenery).
  • Views down to the lakes from almost all of the Pyg Track.
  • The most dramatic side of Snowdon.
  • Views of the entire Snowdon Horseshoe.
  • Go for a swim or cool off your toes in the stunning lake on the way down via the Miners Track.

If you want views of lakes and ruggedness, the Pyg/Miners Tracks are a great option.

I took the photo shown below from the Pyg Track just after sunrise and it shows the lake with Y Lliwedd in the background (top, far right):

View from the Pyg Track

I took this photo/screenshot near the top of the Pyg Track and you can clearly see both the Pyg Track and Miners Track:

Pyg Track

Rhyd Ddu Path

This is my third favourite route up Snowdon for views and also one of my favourites overall.

Here’s why:

  • It’s the quietest main route up Snowdon.
  • You get views down to the Snowdon Ranger Path for half the route and then down to the Watkin Path on the second half.
  • It’s a rugged route.
  • There’s a stunning cliff and the route traverses the top of it.
  • There’s a ridge to traverse (not too narrow).
  • I usually go up the Rhydd Ddu Path and then down the Snowdon Ranger Path and walk along the road back to the starting point. This makes for an excellent circular route.

Explore my complete guide to the Rhyd Ddu Path here.

My Video

Photos of the Rhyd Ddu Path

South Ridge

To reach the South Ridge, one must first go part of the way up the Watkin Path or take a trek over from the Rhyd Ddu Path.

I usually take the Watkin Path up and then come down the South Ridge as the two routes join up, just above the water cascades and pools.

The South Ridge offers delightful views of the Watkin Path, the Rhyd Ddu Path and even across to the Snowdon Ranger Path.

This is also one of the quieter routes up Snowdon.

In my opinion, the views from the South Ridge aren’t quite as dramatic as the Pyg/Miners Tracks but are comparable to the stunning Watkin and Rhyd Ddu Paths.

Here are some photos from my last trip, which was in 2024.

Below, I’m descending the top of the Rhyd Ddu Path towards the South Ridge during a cloud inversion (lucky me!).

Exposed ridge on Rhyd Ddu Path nr South Ridge

I took the photo below while descending the South Ridge near sunset:

South Ridge on Snowdon at sunset

Here’s a screenshot of the South Ridge from my drone:

South Ridge viewed from a drone

Snowdon Ranger Path

The Snowdon Ranger Path is the second easiest route up Snowdon and is fairly shallow, while the views are great, they aren’t as stunning as on many of the other routes.

The views are, in my opinion, still way better than the Llanberis Path but they aren’t breathtaking until you reach the upper section, where it joins the Llanberis Path for the final push to the summit.

Explore The Route: Read my full write-up on the Snowdon Ranger Path.

My Video

Photos of the Ranger Path

Llanberis Path

This is my least favourite route for views and is a path I’m not in a hurry to do again.

Here’s why:

  • The first half of the route is in a grassy valley with no dramatic views of rocks or lakes etc.
  • The views do get much better from Clogwyn Station up to the summit but over half of the route is a little bland compared to the other routes.
  • The Llanberis Path is long and shallow – quite the long slog in fact.
  • This route is very touristy and is by far the most popular way to reach the summit. There will be more people on this route than any other.

If you want the best route up Snowdon for views, avoid this one. It is however is the easiest way to reach the summit.

My Tip: If you go up the Llanberis Path, consider coming down the Snowdon Ranger Path and taking the connecting path back to the town of Llanberis. This makes for an excellent circular route and you’ll get to see the other side of Snowdon.

Watch my video to find out more about this circular path:

Photos of the Llanberis Path

Consider a Circular Route

I hope you have a great day up Snowdon, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your day, whichever route you take.

If you really want the best and most varied views, I suggest a circular route that takes you down another side of the mountain.

Watch my video of the 5 best circular routes up Snowdon:

Never been up Snowdon before?

Try my video where I rank all the tourist routes from easiest to most difficult:

If you like scrambling, the best scrambling routes on Snowdon are via Crib Goch or the entire Snowdon Horseshoe:

The Snowdon Horseshoe

Crib Goch

About Daniel Woodley

This guide to the best views on Snowdon was created by Daniel Woodley, aka The Bald Scrambler.

From walking along beaches and kayaking down rivers to making his way up mountains and even jumping out of planes, Daniel has a love of the outdoors, but scrambling is his real passion.


Daniel Woodley

Daniel Woodley aka The Bald Scrambler

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