My Guide to the Pyg Track on Snowdon

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The Pyg Track is a rugged but popular route to the summit of Snowdon. It’s not the easiest or safest route but it’s not the most difficult either.

I put this route firmly in the middle; the Llanberis Path and the Ranger Path are shallower and more forgiving and the Watkin Path and Crib Goch routes are steeper, looser and more scrambly.

If you’re looking for information about the Pyg Track, check out my guide on this page.

Pyg Track

Length: 6.8 miles/11km there and back.

Ascent: 895m.

My Time: I usually go up the Pyg Track and down the Miners’ Track in about 5.5 hours.

Average Time: An average hill walker will take around 6 hours there and back.

Grade/Difficulty: Rugged mountain walk on very uneven ground. This route is not suitable for wheelchairs or baby strollers but I have seen dog walkers up here, although it’s nowhere near as shallow as the Llanberis Path or the Rangers Path.

Start/End: Pen y Pass Car Park.

Hazards: Uneven ground and the risk of falling from height. The Zigzag section is notorious for slips and falls, usually on loose stones.

Facilities: Toilet block at Pen y Pass car park.

My Rating: I really like the Pyg Track, it’s easier than Crib Goch and not as loose or steep as the top section of the Watkin Path but is more challenging than the Ranger Path or the Llanberis Path. I rate it 8/10 and the views are some of the best.

My Video

Map (Expandable)

Here’s a map of the Pyg Track up and the Miner’s Track down:

Download file for GPS

Photos of the Pyg Track

Consider a Circular Route

Most people go up the Pyg Track and down the Miners’ Track but in reverse is just as doable.


The Pyg Track can be separated into three sections:

  1. The initial walk from the car park to the fork in the path below Crib Goch.
  2. To the second fork where the path meets the Miners’ Track.
  3. The zigzags and the push to the summit.

From Pen y Pass

The path from Pen y Pass car park is rugged and certainly not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs but those of average fitness should be okay here:

First section of the Pyg Track

The lower section of the Pyg Track

First rugged section of the Pyg Track

The first rugged section on the Pyg Track

Pyg Track drone view

The first section ends as the lakes come into view (the path forks rightwards here to Crib Goch)

To The Miners’ Track Fork

The second section is shallower than the first but is still rugged, it takes the hiker up to the point where the Pyg Track and Miners’ Track merge:

The Pyg Track with the lake to the left

The mid section of the Pyg Track with the lake to the left

Mid section of the Pyg Track

The rising Pyg Track

Pyg Track and Miners' Track merge

Here, the higher Pyg Track merges with the lower Miners’ Track. Crib Goch can also be seen (top left)

The Zigzag Section

The section from the fork to the Llanberis Path is loose, rugged and in a few places, steep as well.

The zigzag path and the loose rocks beneath it are an accident hotspot where every year, hikers slip and fall.

Zigzag path on the Pyg Track

The zigzag section – the steepest part of the route

To The Summit

The Pyg Track ends at the Llanberis Path, a short 15 min walk to the summit:

Summit of Snowdon with the Pyg Track in the background

The summit of Snowdon, with the Pyg Track and the Zigzags in the background

Options for Descent

From the summit of Snowdon, there are many options for descent, the most popular being via the Miners’ Track back to Pen y Pass car park.

Note that the upper section of the Miners’ Track, where it joins the Pyg Track is very loose and quite steep in places:

Pyg Track and Miners' Track fork

The path form the higher Pyg Track down to the lower Miners’ Track is loose and steep in places

Alternatively, consider the long but shallow Llanberis Path and get the bus back to Pen y Pass car park.

Suitability For Dog Walkers and Children

I’ve seen plenty of dog walkers and parents with their children on this route but I must point out that this is one of the more rugged routes to the summit. That means more rocky sections, loose stones underfoot and an increased risk of slipping etc.

The Llanberis Path and Rangers Path are wider, shallower and less rocky and would be safer options for children and pets but do note that all routes have livestock nearby and dogs should be kept on a lead.

About Daniel Woodley

This guide to the Pyg Track up Snowdon was created by Daniel Woodley, aka The Bald Scrambler.

From walking along beaches and kayaking down rivers to making his way up mountains and even jumping out of planes, Daniel has a love of the outdoors, but scrambling is his real passion.


Daniel Woodley

Daniel Woodley aka The Bald Scrambler

Have fun, keep safe. Hopefully I’ll see you on the mountains one day

By The Bald Scrambler

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