I created this website so I could share my experiences; it isn’t a guide for non-scramblers or those with no, or little mountaineering experience.

I also have no formal training or qualifications in this sport/activity.

The route descriptions found on this site are based on my experiences during the given day – not everyone will agree on the best line or how difficult the route is. Encountering unexpected problems is all part of scrambling; wet slippery boulders, unstable loose rocks, poor weather and vegetation changes can make a once easy route a real challenge.

All of the routes described on this website are summer routes, unless otherwise stated. All of the grades have been published in respected guidebooks. I will never downgrade a published grade, but I reserve the right to upgrade a route’s difficulty if I feel it’s more challenging than as described in a guidebook.

Scrambling requires solid navigation skills, appropriate clothing and footwear and above all else, good judgement at each stage of the route.

This website may describe lines and potential ways to overcome obstacles, but you are responsible for your actions – I cannot and do not provide step-by-step instructions.

By using this website, you agree that there is no such thing as a safe scrambling route and that, ultimately, the choices you make are yours.

If in doubt, there are plenty of guidebooks available and also lots of experienced guides who take parties on scrambling routes.

If you’re new to scrambling, this page explains the difference between hillwalking, climbing and scrambling.

Thanks for visiting The Bald Scrambler.



Have fun, keep safe

By The Bald Scrambler

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