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Bald Scrambler

Welcome to My Website Here at The Bald Scrambler

My name’s Daniel Woodley, and I’m The Bald Scrambler!

Born and bred in leafy Surrey, where I still reside, I first visited Snowdonia about 15 years ago and fell in love with the area.

After exploring every path up Snowdon and the many other tourist hotspots, I discovered scrambling and have been chalking up routes along ridges, up gullies and even streams for the last few years.

You’ll most likely find me on the Glyderau in the summer, but when the schools reopen and the area isn’t as busy, I do venture onto the popular Snowdon Range.

I sometimes visit The Lakes and Scotland, but not as often as I would like; it’s a quite drive for us southerners!

You might also see me camping as I like to make the most of my visits to Snowdonia – say hello if you do, a friendly chat is always welcome.

Outside of scrambling, I enjoy kayaking/canoeing and long walks along beaches or in the countryside. I visit the New Forest and the Cotswolds each year for some r&r.

I used to skydive regularly and have completed formation skydives, wingsuit flights and even jumped out of a hot air balloon.

Nowadays, I prefer to keep my feet on the ground, as long as that ground is as high up as possible.

Stepping over on Dolmen Ridge

Daniel Woodley on Dolmen Ridge, a grade 3 scramble.

daniel Woodley

Daniel Woodley on Tryfan – Summer 2022.

Daniel - The Bald Scrambler

Daniel in 2021.


Daniel Woodley skydiving above madrid – 2017.

Daniel skydiving

Wingsuiting – 2017.

About This Website

I created The Bald Scrambler so I could publish photos, videos, route descriptions and hints and tips to a broader audience.

While social media platforms are popular, the half-life of a tweet is about 4 hours, and Facebook makes it near impossible to find content once it’s drifted out of your feed.

A website made sense, and it also doubles as a blog and a diary of sorts so I can look back at adventures I’ve experienced.

I recently created a YouTube account and will publish all my scrambling videos there as well as on this site, so go check it out.

Connect With Me

Feel free to leave a comment on any of the videos on my Bald Scrambler YouTube channel.

I also publish gardening content on the DIY Gardening YouTube channel and here you can read my bio.

I’m also on Twitter, just about.

A Disclaimer

As you’ve probably figured out, I’m not afraid of heights and am quite the risk-taker.

I also have no training or qualifications in this area.

The route descriptions found on this site are based on my experiences during the given day – not everyone will agree on the best line or how difficult the route is. Encountering unexpected problems is all part of scrambling; wet slippery rocks, unstable loose ground, poor weather and vegetation changes can make a once easy route a real challenge.

All of the routes described on this website are summer routes, and all of the grades have been published in respected guidebooks. I will never downgrade a published grade, but I reserve the right to upgrade a route’s difficulty if I feel it’s more challenging than as described in a guidebook.

Scrambling requires solid navigation skills, appropriate clothing and footwear and above all else, good judgement at each stage of the route.

This website may suggest routes and ways to overcome obstacles, but you are ultimately responsible for your actions. I do not provide step-by-step instructions and that is not the purpose of this site.

By using this website, you agree that there is no such thing as a safe scrambling route and that, ultimately, your choices are yours.

If in doubt, there are plenty of guidebooks available and also lots of experienced guides who take parties on scrambling routes.

Read the full disclaimer is here.

Thanks for visiting The Bald Scrambler.


Daniel Woodley

Have fun, keep safe

By The Bald Scrambler

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