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Hello and welcome to The Bald Scrambler website.

My name is Daniel, and I produce mountaineering content for my YouTube channel.

This website accompanies the YouTube channel, and here you’ll find:

  • Route details for my favourite scrambles.
  • Hiking routes.
  • Mountaineering guides.
  • Reviews of products and businesses I’ve used.

Much of the content here relates to Snowdonia, a mountainous region in North Wales, UK.

I’m passionate about scrambling, hiking and wild camping. I hope you enjoy the content on this website.

Daniel Woodley

Scrambling Routes

I’ve completed hundreds of scrambles and here in the Scrambling Section, you’ll find my write-ups, where I’ve included maps, photos, and videos along with hints and tips.

If you’re interested in scrambling, I’m confident you’ll enjoy this content.

Explore the Scrambling Section.

Scrambling routes

Hiking Routes

In addition to scrambling, I also enjoy walking and trekking. I’m often found up a mountain somewhere, taking in the view and the challenges.

Here you’ll find my guides to some of the UK’s best hiking routes and mountainous walks. I include videos, photos and maps where possible.

Visit the Hiking Section.

Scrambling routes

Product Reviews

I’ve used dozens of products over the years, from specialist footwear and crampons to tents and camping equipment.

I’ve also used the services of several businesses from shops to camp sites.

My reviews are honest opinions, based on my experiences – you won’t find any fake reviews on my website.

Explore my Product Reviews.

Scrambling routes
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